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At Insurance Supermarket we love working with families. Helping them to create financial certainty. Knowing that a family will be looked after financially is why we exist.

Here is a real example of how having a great financial plan can make the difference.​​

Alan worked with a young family, Mum and Dad in their 30's, two children aged 6 months and 2 years old. Working with a tight budget Alan put in place an affordable plan. Two years later Alan gets a call. Sadly the Father of the family has passed away. Immediately a claim is made. This family have tragically lost their father but do have the security of financial continuity and consistency.

A payment of $1,000,000.00 was made. This made the world of difference. The Mum did not have to take on debt or extra work. This family thanks to a great financial plan will not be under any financial pressure.

Group and Workplace Schemes


Group insurance is for employers who want to offer extra value added benefits as part of the employee's remuneration package.  Often this will help attract and retain employees. 

What are the benefits?

By looking after your people, you strengthen the relationship between employee and employer. Our Group Insurance offering can help you to:

  • Build a positive work culture - You demonstrate your commitment to employees’ emotional and financial well-being

  • Be competitive - You can boost your employees' remuneration package and compete with the benefits offered by other companies

  • Attract and retain talent - Investing in your people will help attract the best employees and provides the right conditions for increased productivity


An important part of your business plan is  creating financial certainty.


If you are a sole trader or in business with a number of partners, knowing that the right amount of money going to the right people at the right time is critical. A tailored Insurance plan may be the difference between collapse or survival of your business when the unexpected happens.

If your business partner were to die or become totally and permanently disabled? Who would you end up being in business with? Their spouse? Having a buy sell agreement and shareholder buyout agreement is really important.

  • Ownership Buyout Cover – This funds the business' buy sell agreement commitments for a business owner resulting from their death, terminal illness or long term disability.

  • Key Person Cover – Provides a capital injection upon the death terminal illness, or long term disability of a key employee or sole trader.

  • Loss of Revenue Cover – provides a monthly revenue replacement when a key employee or sole trader is totally or partially disabled.

  • Debt protection cover- Repays business debt where death, terminal illness or long term disability of any key employee, owner, or sole trader triggers a need for it's repayment.

  • Life Cover

  • Trauma Cover

  • TPD Cover

We can also point you in the right direction when it comes to:

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Statutory Liability Insurance

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Right amount of money to the right people at the right time. After creating financial certainty this is our mantra.

If you are on your own its imperative that you have a sound financial plan. Whilst family and business owners have others they could potentially rely on to support them financially, often we see individuals do not have this available.

By reviewing your current situation we can asses where the financial risks are and offer a tailored solution.

This gives you the knowledge that should something happen, accident, illness or injury that your finances will not be disrupted and to protect your health you have access to private medical care.

Kiwi Saver


Many of our clients are yet to put in place their Kiwi Saver. At Insurance Supermarket we are RFA's Registered Financial Advisers. To give tailored advice you around Kiwi Saver you would need to see an AFA-Authorised Financial Adviser.

We can give you broad advice and ensure at a minimum you have a Kiwi Saver in place and you know what fund you are in.