Disclosure Information

Disclosure Information


 About Me

My name:                   Alan Mills

My FSP number:        FSP 137084

My Contact details:     Address: 72 Kesteven Avenue Glendowie Auckland, 1071

                                    Phone:         0211600915

                                    Email:          alan@insurancesupermarket.co.nz      

I am a financial adviser and provide advice on behalf of Insurance Supermarket Ltd is licensed as a Financial Advice Provider by the Financial Markets Authority.

Both Insurance Supermarket Ltd and I are registered on the financial services provider registry which can be viewed at fsp-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz

Relevant history / Qualifications

I have been in the industry for 11 years. I am currently completing the NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5.

My Services

Personal & Business Risk (Life, Income, Disability & Health Insurances)

I provide personalised advice that takes into account your individual circumstances to determine the personal risk products that best meet your personal goals and needs.

My recommendation is limited to the products offered by the following companies:

-AIA, Fidelity Life, NIB, Partners Life, Southern Cross

To ensure that advice remains accessible, Insurance Supermarket Ltd does not charge an upfront fee for providing personal risk insurance advice or for implementing advice if you decide to proceed.

In place of an upfront fee, Insurance Supermarket Ltd is paid a commission by the recommended insurance provider from the premium they charge you for your cover. This commission will range from 100% to 200% of the first years premium, depending on which insurance company you take out cover with.  I will then receive a servicing commission  of up to 10% of the annual premium for the Iife of the policy.  I will confirm the amount of commission Insurance Supermarket Ltd will receive when I provide my recommendation to you.

General Insurance 

While I don't provide general insurance as part of my product offering, I am able to refer you to Blanket Insurance who have access to some of the most comprehensive policies on the market.  If you take out a policy with Blanket on the back of my referral, I will receive a referral commission that will range from 3.75% to 6.25% of each premium, depending on which insurance products you take out cover with, after taxes and levies.

To ensure your needs are prioritised, you will also receive a written advice document that outlines the cover and why it was implemented over other providers available to me. 


KiwiSaver & related managed investment products

I am able to provide a generalised advice service for KiwiSaver and WealthBuilder products. This involves discussing what level of financial risk you are comfortable with and recommending a fund type that best matches your attitude toward risk and the length of time until you plan on accessing your funds (from conservative through to aggressive). 

Once you confirm what type of fund you wish proceed with, I will show you the relevant funds available to you through the providers I work with:


- NZ Funds

Depending on which provider you choose to go with, Insurance Supermarket Ltd can be paid either an upfront fee and/or commission of between .25% and.5% of funds under management. I will confirm how much I will receive when I provide my recommendation. 


I Work For You

As a Financial Adviser, it is my duty to abide by the Code of Conduct for Financial Service Providers. 

Although I am paid by the providers for the services I provide, it is you that I work for.  To ensure I put your interests ahead of my own, I follow a 6-step advice process when providing personalised financial advice which is based on your individual goals and needs. 

I provide all my recommendations in writing so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have before implementing any of my advice.

 We take part in a quality assurance programme to review our advice process on a annual basis to ensure it is based on the needs of our clients.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of my service, please tell me so that we can manage it through my internal complaint process. 

If we are unable to address your concerns, you can contact my disputes resolution scheme, at no cost to you:


Name:                         FDRS

Address:                    PO Box 2272 Wellington 6140

Telephone number:  0508 337 337

Email address:          enquiries@fdrs.org.nz