Creating Financial Certainty

Working with Businesses, individuals and families to create financial certainty.

Insurance Supermarket use a process that discovers the shortfalls of your current plan. We work with you to ensure that, sickness, death or injury will not have a financial impact on you, your family or businesses.

Who we are
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Insurance Supermarket was founded by Alan Mills in 2011. An owner operator supported by Administration Assistant. Alan enjoys meeting new people, hearing their story and creating financial certainty for themselves, their family or their business. 

Call Alan on 0211600915 to create your financial certainty.  

News & Updates

Wearable devices, like Fitbit watches, are becoming more and more popular, and insurers are interested in the data they collect.

Policy holders are interested in their health and insurers want to help them avoid health problems. Programmes using wearables that connect to insurance have been shown to help them. Insurance can be offered to people with chronic diseases (like asthma, diabetes, and HIV for example) if they can demonstrate good management of their condition. Wearable health tech can provide an excellent way to do that.

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Statistics show that the number of people with active health insurance policies drops significantly once they reach their 50s and the cost of maintaining the policies increases.

But Health Funds Association data reveals that there has been an uptick in cover for older New Zealanders over the past year, which it says is due to more people seeing the value of the product

Companies we work with

We have been clients of Alan's for over 9 years, we love our insurance plan he put in place. Easy to deal with, stuck to our budget and explained what we have in place.

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